If God knows everything and considering all the bad in the world why did He make man?

Is speaking in tongues a real thing? Who can speak in tongues? Is it meant for everybody?

Episode 11: Baptism?

What is baptism? Why should I get baptized? Who should get baptized? Can I get baptized wrong? Can baptism save me from hell?

Repentance alone can not get you saved because it is something you can do on your own.  Being born again is a work of the Holy Spirit!

There are so many voices out there. Yet you can hear the Lord's voice, even if you do not believe!

With all the voices in the world today, how can I hear the voice of God?...or is it just my imagination?

Healing occurs in all three parts of your being Body, Soul, and Spirit.

Since the release of Origen of the species in 1859, we have been faced with this dilemma. How scientific is evolution.  Is evolution a religion?  

The rape and murder rate across the world is skyrocketing! The world is full of crime and violence. So is God good?

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